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Eliana Piers

Good Duke Gone Cold Paperback | A Steamy Best Friend's Brother Historical Regency Romance Novel

Good Duke Gone Cold Paperback | A Steamy Best Friend's Brother Historical Regency Romance Novel

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From bestselling, award-winning author Eliana Piers comes a steamy series that introduces the world of The Good Dukes in London. A group of friends, one house party, a meddling duchess, and a whole lot of love and scandal...

She must marry unless she can make a way for herself as a playwright. But her heart has never had such a hard time resisting her best friend’s brother…

Lady Mary finds London society and its rules tedious. She wants to be her own woman. Yet it’s a little tricky to be her own woman when she gets stuck in a closet with a brooding friend and flaring passion.

Gregory, the grumpy Duke of Wellingford, has recklessly spent the last few years on the continent mourning his father. Now he needs two things in life: to find a biddable bride and to protect his heart from any more loss.

Will Gregory be able to guard his heart? Or will love find a way in?

If you like witty banter, character growth, and light reads, then you’ll adore Eliana Piers’ regency romance stories about The Good Dukes.

Read Good Duke Gone Cold if you want a book to melt your heart with a steamy happily ever after.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lyn Meredith
Well written

This was a new to me author and decided to give it a try. The book was well written with great characters. I enjoyed this book from beginning to end. I did wish that Gregory would stop trying to keep everyone at arms length much sooner. That didn't stop me from going to bed two hours later than I planned since I couldn't put this book down. Will be starting the next in series immediately.

A lovely and enjoyable story

I enjoyed the story. Mary’s character is strong though at first she may seem simple, she quickly grows into her strength. Watching this growth is what truly made the story. Gregory comes across as cold, distant and aloof and yet she does not allow him to walk over her. She is constantly standing up for herself and putting him in his place, which he needs. Through his point of view we understand why he is this way, but it is difficult to watch Mary endure it as she does not. Despite this, I still found myself rooting for his character. There was a sweetness that could be seen beneath the surface, it was just that he needed to overcome his own fears. The family friendships are the greatest pull of the story for me, as the siblings and Mary have such a bond. Mary & Margaret were great together, their all-knowing best friends relationship exactly what you expect to bloom from two girls at that age. At times it was difficult to notice the point of view change which made some scenes a little less impactful. But I am eager to read more of this family and see how that evolves. A lovely and enjoyable story all in all, and a charming debut from this author.