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Eliana Piers

Dukes for Christmas Book 1, 2, & 3

Dukes for Christmas Book 1, 2, & 3

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Read the best selling series and award-winning Beauty and the Beast retelling (Book 1), the Cinderella retelling (Book 2), and the Sleeping Beauty retelling (Book 3) of the Dukes for Christmas Fairytale series. 

“You should know, I’m not scared of you.”

He already knew that. Which, ironically, terrified the devil in him. Somehow she did not show any cowardice at his surliness. Perhaps she was used to raging idiots. She did work at a tavern. And he had seen her earlier with the drunken fool. She hadn’t even broken a sweat. It didn’t look like she needed help, but he needed to save her. For himself. For his own wellbeing. 

Mayhap she hid her panic well. Mayhap she needed to see real danger

Book 1:

A Beauty for a Duke

Beauty with brains meets a big, grumpy Beast just before Christmas. Only a third wheel and a long carriage ride are in their way...

Book 2:

An Ember for a Duke

Dreams of love are not meant for a lady’s maids. Until an acting fairy godmother, an annual masquerade, and a lost reticule lead to a life changing kiss. But will the mystery kisser ever find her?

Book 3:

A Slumber for a Duke

A nanny with a secret passion. A duke who doesn’t believe in love. Both fighting dreams and dances to stay true to their hearts.

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