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Eliana Piers

The Ultimate Ashbourne Legacy Ebook Bundle

The Ultimate Ashbourne Legacy Ebook Bundle

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Read all 7 ebooks in The Ashbourne Legacy Series.

Each book is short enough for you to make it to bed on time. 

Unless you start into the next one...

Book 1: The Blighter and the Bluestocking 

She’s a bluestocking living on the edge of scandal. 

He’s looking for anything but that to be the mother of his future children.

Book 2: The Scoundrel and the Scientist

She’s the scientist who needs to make a new home for herself.

He’s the bumbling scoundrel who kisses her.

Book 3: The Virgin and the Vixen

She’s the vixen, even though she’s never done an improper thing in her entire life.

He’s the virgin because, well, he’s never done a woman in his entire life.

Book 4: The Rogue and the Rose

She’s undaunted by her prospects of being a spinster because she has an infallible strategy to stay safe and secure…

Until she takes a ride with a rogue who’s the irresistible embodiment of danger.

Book 5: The Rake and the Writer

Her mission in life is to warn women of all the notorious rakes in the haut ton.

His mission in life is not to be a rake. Which should be easy, since he’s not one.

Book 6: The Wastrel and the Wallflower

She’s a plain, ever-predicting, and ever-predictable wallflower.

He’s the cheeriest man on the planet, with no real plans for his life.

Book 7: The Spy and the Spinster

She’s resolved to be a spinster and doesn’t need anyone to watch out for her.

He’s made a vow to be her protector. Only she doesn’t know it. So really, he’s spying on her.

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