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Eliana Piers

The Scoundrel and the Scientist | A Steamy Historical Romance

The Scoundrel and the Scientist | A Steamy Historical Romance

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She’s the scientist who needs to make a new home for herself.

He’s the bumbling scoundrel who kisses her.

It was all an incredible accident. Miss Chloe Penbrook hadn’t meant to lose focus on her plans and allow the strange, but attractive man to kiss her. But they had ended up on the floor. And he had landed on top of her. And it was all so convenient to just…kiss.

It was all an incredible accident. Lord Barnaby Ashbourne hadn’t meant to stumble into her store, knock over her soap, and fall on top of her soft and supple body. But how could he resist fate?

Can Chloe work against the odds and make a new home for family all on her own? Or will fate intervene and show her that she doesn’t have to do it alone, that, in fact, love and life plans can go hand in hand?

This is the second book in the steamy new regency series, The Ashbourne Legacy, that follows the seven brothers of Snow White.

Read this novelette if you like sweet and spicy easy reads with witty banter and lovable and enchanting characters.

The Ashbourne Legacy:

  1. The Blighter and the Bluestocking
  2. The Scoundrel and the Scientist
  3. The Virgin and the Vixen
  4. The Rogue and the Rose
  5. The Rake and the Writer
  6. The Wastrel and the Wallflower
  7. The Spy and the Spinster

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lyn Meredith
Cute story

Second in the series are Barnaby and Chloe. This story didn’t have quite the oomph as the first story. It was however, cute and fast paced. Barnaby’s bumbling around and then hiding his eyes was adorable. One missed mark after all the ACHooing was that no one but Barnaby knew the soap Chloe made didn’t make him sneeze. Well written with great characters.

Barnaby and Chloe 💟

A sweet, enchanting story with a hint of spice. I fell for the bumbling scoundrel, Barnaby who's not so much a scoundrel and the aspiring soap maker/scientist Chloe. They have a wonderful connection with great witty banter that leaves you wanting more. An easy to read romance and easy to fall in love with Barnaby and Chloe.

Shirley Des Rivieres
It was an incredible accident!

If you like steamy, funny books written in the Regency period, this is the book for you. Follow this author for more of the same. It’s brilliant.