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Eliana Piers

The Spy and the Spinster | A Steamy Historical Romance

The Spy and the Spinster | A Steamy Historical Romance

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She’s resolved to be a spinster and doesn’t need anyone to watch out for her.

He’s made a vow to be her protector. Only she doesn’t know it. So really, he’s spying on her.

Lady Hali has had enough high society men (fortune hunters) trying to trap her into marriage. They’re all after her money, being the sister of a duke, and she can’t trust a single one of them. Without trust, it’s impossible to find love, so she has accepted the life that fate has dealt her: spinsterhood.

When fate crushes Hali to Lord Giles’ body not once, not twice, but thrice in the span of less than twenty four hours, he figures there’s nothing wrong with allowing one kiss to happen. He’s the youngest of seven brothers in the Ashbourne family, so maybe it is his turn to consider marriage. Yet he respects Hali’s vow of independence to tell her how he feels.

Can Giles shake the guilt he feels for overstepping his role as protector? Will Hali allow her heart to trust a man enough to fall into a love match?

This is the seventh book in the steamy new regency romance series, The Ashbourne Legacy, that follows the seven mislabeled brothers of Snow White.

Read this novelette if you like sweet and spicy easy reads with witty banter and lovable characters.

The Ashbourne Legacy:

  1. The Blighter and the Bluestocking
  2. The Scoundrel and the Scientist
  3. The Virgin and the Vixen
  4. The Rogue and the Rose
  5. The Rake and the Writer
  6. The Wastrel and the Wallflower
  7. The Spy and the Spinster
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Customer Reviews

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Lyn Meredith
I laughed so hard...while reading in public

The final story in the series is for Giles and Hali. Where can a terrible spy hide? Behind a tree, behind curtains or maybe under a lady’s skirts. I laughed so hard. Giles, asked by Hali’s brother to protect her from fortune hunters at a house party can’t say no since he has loved her for years. Well written with good steam a couple of times.

Giles and Hali 💗

Wonderful, delightful and a little spicy. Giles needs work at being a spy but he's the perfect protector and Hali, well Hali is plain perfect. They are so in tune with each other and soon all their hidden desires are no longer hidden. A wonderful little gem of a romance.