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A Beauty for a Duke | A Steamy Beauty and the Beast Regency Christmas Romance | Dukes for Christmas Fairytales

A Beauty for a Duke | A Steamy Beauty and the Beast Regency Christmas Romance | Dukes for Christmas Fairytales

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Beauty with brains meets a big, grumpy Beast just before Christmas. Only a third wheel and a long carriage ride are in their way...

The beauty of a barmaid, Sofie, has rejected every marriage offer she's ever received. To Sofie, marriage requires trust and true love. Equally important, she wants to be an independent woman, not someone's property. And a piece of that independence means attending a lecture where she can learn new ways to invest her money. Like a barmaid is going to find her way there though, especially during the Christmas season.

Enter Egan, a beast of a man. Gruff, gigantic, and a Scottish duke. As if he'll go unnoticed. So when he saves the most beautiful woman he's ever laid eyes on, it's much to his chagrin that his best mate laid eyes on her first. He may be a beast, but he's a loyal one. Yet somehow he finds himself stuck with Sofie, and company, on a quest for knowledge.

Can he keep his friendship in tact and his kilt on, as he endures mistletoe kisses and beatific smiles amidst cinnamon swirls and cozy fires?

Read A Beauty for a Duke if you love the magic of Christmas.

A Beauty for a Duke is the first standalone novella in the steamy regency romance series: Dukes for Christmas Fairytales.

Book 1: A Beauty for a Duke
Book 2: An Ember for a Duke
Book3: A Slumber for a Duke
Book 4: A Flurry for a Duke
Book 5: A Villain for a Duke

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Customer Reviews

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Ruth Wood
Sweet Story

Sofie and Fia have been inseparable since childhood. They both worked at The Crowned Rose owned by Sofie's father. She didn’t want her father working so hard at the tavern.

Sofie convinced her father to give her some of the profits to invest. Even though it had to go through her father she couldn’t wait until the day she could have her own account. She didn’t want to marry because she wanted full control of her money. Sofie and Fia decided who would take what table to wait on based on what was being said about investments so she can help her father and Fia.

Egan and George were traveling in the carriage on the way home from a wedding. They decide to stop and it turns out it’s The Crowned Rose. They went into the tavern and sat at a table. George asked did you see that beauty? She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve seen in my life, that hair.

George asked the barmaid “Where did you come from?” She responds “I’ve been here my whole life”   Egan thinks George is into Sofie and he also likes her. First time they liked the same girl.

While at the railroad convention afterward, it turns out George and Fie eloped. While they are on their way home they are set upon by highwaymen. Egan thinks Sofie is shot and confesses his love.

Sweet love story with love at first sight. 

Lyn Meredith
Fun read

While completely improbable for the time period, this story was excellent and very fun. I laughed out loud when Egan got confused about his wife. One steamy scene and lots of witty banter.

Beauty and the Beast with a road trip

An enjoyable Beauty and the Beast themed romance .. with a road trip. Beauty (a barmaid) with brains meets a big, grumpy Beast (Scottish Duke) just before Christmas - oh yeah, loved it! I adored Sofie and Egan, she's independent, he's protective and immediately smitten. A journey of attraction, trust and love.

This s truly a fun, quick read.

A sweet class divide romance where a Beast of a Duke falls for a beauty with a brain. I loved the fact that Sofie was not your classic beauty, she was more. Not content to find a man to take care of her, she’s spent her life learning about investments to be financially sound in her own right. Not looking for a man, she stumbles upon a beastly duke who only wants to be strong to care for those he loves. But that doesn’t mean he is the type to deny a woman, he wants a wife who is her own person. The whirlwind romance is the perfect blend of grumpy/sunshine. Sofie is everything sweet & light to draw the lightness out of Egan so he can move past the pains of the past. This s truly a fun, quick read.