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A Villain for a Duke

A Villain for a Duke

Top 100 Best Seller

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One mistake cost her everything, including love.

Lady Astrid made one reckless mistake at a house party and became a pariah. Instead of cowering under society’s censure, she embraces her inner villain. Why not flirt with scandal? Especially if scandal is her handsome-and-fun-to-tease first indiscretion.

Never had Michael’s sins haunted him so relentlessly. When Astrid becomes the target for a matchmaking maven, the cold, uptight Duke of Tinsder has to double his efforts to avoid the wanton woman. Which should be easy, so long as he doesn’t accidentally walk into her room late one night…

Can Michael keep his feet on the straight and narrow? Or will the heart’s pull between opposites recapture their true love?

Read A Villain for a Duke if you love the magic of Christmas. It’s a deliciously sweet and spicy easy read with witty banter and lovable characters.

A Villain for a Duke is the fifth standalone novella in the steamy regency romance series:

Dukes for Christmas Fairytales.

Book 1: A Beauty for a Duke
Book 2: An Ember for a Duke
Book 3: A Slumber for a Duke
Book 4: A Flurry for a Duke
Book 5: A Villain for a Duke

What readers are saying:

"I have enjoyed every novella in the series they are fast paced sweet, sexy romps with witty banter, sexy dukes and the ladies that fall in love with them." ~Amazon Reviewer

"Full of love, steam, society rules, mistakes, quick judgements, rumors, gossips, a missing person, intrigue, twists and turns." ~Amazon Reviewer

"Excellent story by this fabulous author." ~Amazon Reviewer

"Curl up and enjoy all these books." ~Amazon Reviewer

"Would strongly recommend to everyone." ~Amazon Reviewer

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A steamy villain historical romance in the Dukes for Christmas series. 

✅ he falls first

✅ instalove gone wrong

✅ one dance

Chapter One Look Inside

Two years ago…

SOME PEOPLE DESERVE THEIR reputation. They work hard for it and have earned the labels attributed to them. It’s something to be proud of, regardless of whether said reputation leads to notoriety or infamy.

Others befall their reputations. Usually with utter devastation.

Then there are those who find a label attached to them and decide to live up to it. No matter the cost.

Without worry for her own reputation, Lady Astrid alighted the carriage boasting the Regium ducal emblem. She fluffed her skirts and took a few steps toward the manor. The place was familiar and inviting, and she had always enjoyed the house parties thrown here.

Her brother stood a few feet away and stretched his arms while his dark hair blew softly in the breeze.

“I didn’t think we would make it here so quickly.”

“It’s a dubious season to travel in, but we got lucky.”

“That we did.” She watched as he began making his way toward the house, but stopped when he realized she wasn’t following him.

She planned to stroll the grounds before the other guests of the house party arrived. The travel hadn’t been arduous, so she didn’t really need to rest up before dinner. What she needed was to stretch her legs and enjoy the crisp fall air.

“Astrid, don’t you want to rest?” Isaac asked.

“No, I’ve been sitting for long enough.”

“You are a bit of a restless soul, aren’t you? Like a bucking horse. Pent up energy but with no particular direction in which to channel it, I’d say.”

“I like to move around.” She restated archly.

Shuffling sounds caused her to turn her head to the footman unloading her luggage. She thanked him and swiveled back to Isaac. “There will be time to rest later this evening.”

Isaac’s half smile was contagious. “This is the Countess of Erewyn. You do know Bethany’s mother, don’t you?”

Astrid chuckled. “You’re right. She always throws quite a lively party, doesn’t she?”

“I’m sure there will be dancing tonight, even though it’s the first night.”


“Remind me. How many dresses did you pack?”

“Enough,” she swatted his arm.

He laughed. “That’s the perfect answer, but what I’m seeing is telling me that you packed two trunks too many.”

“You have no idea what we women suffer for fashion.”

“Suffer? I thought you liked that kind of stuff?”

She shrugged. “At times it’s nice. But it can be burdensome to always convey the perfect image.”

“You’re telling me. I’m a duke.”

“Well, then we suffer together!” She took his arm in hers. “But we can conquer anything together.”

He just laughed again. “The question I would have for that scenario is which one of us would be leading the charge.”

“Me, of course,” she said as if it brooked no argument.

“That’s what I thought.” He patted her hand. “It’s going to be a long evening. Entertaining. But long. Why don’t you get some rest now?”

She looked longingly at the open fields. “You’re right. All the same, I’d like to get some fresh air.”

“Astrid!” A high-pitched voice called out. “You’re here!” Bethany picked up her skirts and ran over to embrace her friend. “You’re early.”

“The roads were clear, so we made good time.”

“That’s wonderful. When the butler told me you were here, I almost didn’t believe him. Sadly, I have to help mother with a few last minute plans, otherwise I would keep you company.”

“Of course,” Astrid smiled, “help your mother. I had hoped to take a quick stroll.”

“In that case, be sure to check out the new rose garden mother started. It’s incredible. Just walk around the right side of the manor and you can’t miss it.”

“That sounds delightful.”

“I guess I’ll make do with something,” Isaac feigned dejection.

“You can join my cousin. He’s shooting out back.”

“Perfect.” Isaac nodded and left the women.

“It’s so good to have you here, Astrid. It’s been too long. I wish we could—”

“Please, go do what you need to do. We shall have an entire week together.”

With a quick embrace, she turned back and made her way inside.

And Astrid took off to wander around Altwan Manor in search of the rose garden Bethany had pointed out. Once she rounded the side of the house, she caught sight of her destination. Even from yards away she could see the vibrant hues of reds and pinks. Knowing that, she imagined the rich fragrance that was sure to greet her soon. From the large windows, many a guest must enjoy the view on a rainy day.

Just before she was able to reach the garden, two little voices rang out.

“I caught you!” a young girl, about five years old, shouted in glee.

“No, you didn’t. I didn’t feel anything,” the older boy retorted. He looked to be a few years older than her.

“Yes, I did. I touched your shirt.”

“Doesn’t count.”

“Does too.”

Astrid had an older brother and knew exactly where this could lead. “Hello, you two. Could you show me where the rose garden is?”

The boy scowled at her, but the little girl raced up and grabbed her hand.

“I can show you.” She had the most beautiful smile with two front teeth too large for her mouth still.

“Why do you want to go to the garden when there’s so much else to do?” the girl asked curiously.

“I love admiring the flowers and their scent. But…” she waited until the boy was paying her his full attention, “if you two know of something more fun…”

He scoffed. “I know all the fun things to do here. I live here.”

“You must be Charles.” His light brown hair matched two of his sisters. Even though it had been a while since she’d seen them, based on age, she could guess which of the siblings he was.

His eyes widened in surprise, as she proceeded to explain. “I’m friends with your sister, Bethany. You probably don’t remember me.”

“And I’m Isabelle,” the girl shouted, tugging on her hand. Astrid looked down at the youngest in the family.

“Why yes, of course you are.” She squeezed the girl’s clammy hand. “Perhaps you two can show me your favorite place to play.”

Charles’ eyes lit up. “Follow me,” he bellowed as he took off down the green grass. All children should be as carefree and happy as these two were, Astrid mused. Then he was shouting more things as he went, but her attention was drawn downward to Isabelle.

“Come on. Let’s go. He won’t slow down for us.” Isabelle’s solemn face spoke from experience, as this was likely a daily encounter. Astrid recalled many memories of herself chasing after Isaac at their childhood home. She was lucky to have him.

“I know what that’s like. I have an older brother too.”

“You do?”

“Yes. And he’s one of my best friends.”

As the two skipped down the green, Isabelle scrunched up her face. “Charles is not my best friend.”

“Why do you say that?”

“He gets mad at me all the time.”

Astrid threw her head back in laughter. “That’s exactly what an older brother is supposed to do. I think you’re right on track for him to be your best friend.”

Isabelle yanked on Astrid’s arm, pulling her to a stop.

“Do you really think he likes me?”

“No.” She picked up the girl and swung around. “He’s your brother. He doesn’t just like you, he loves you, silly.”

Isabelle’s squeal warmed her heart. This was much better than resting in her guest bedchamber alone.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Second chance at the holiday house party

Basic plot:
Michael has made assumptions about Astrid and wants nothing to do with her – but they are forced together at a holiday house party

Give this a try if you want:
- Regency
- instalove
- house party
- holiday vibes
- short story
- second chance-ish – Astrid and Michael first meet a few years prior and reconnect at a holiday party
- average novella steam – 1 full scene plus some kisses

My thoughts:
Oh my gosh. This book shocked me! Miss Piers! I was about to kind of get the ick from Michael’s prudishness and unfair treatment of Astrid. I was SO mad at him. But….then he was telling her she was a bad girl and needed a spanking and I swear my mouth fell open. And I loved that!

I really loved the direction this book went in, with a touch of naughtiness. And I loved the twist on having a villain heroine that’s reformed. I just wanted everything a bit more developed (and maybe those scenes to continue!)

Rose Seals
Christmas thread

Another well written story in this series. Full of love, steam, society rules, mistakes, quick judgements, rumors, gossips, a missing person, intrigue, twists and turns. When a mistake happens at a house party, so starts the gossip of the Ton. At the dance , a loose thread causes some issues for both to Astrid and Michael. He feels that she is trying to trap him while Astrid knows that what happened was all so innocent. She is branded by society for the accident and her reputation now is damaged. As time goes on, they meet at the same house for another party. After all this time both realize that they still have feelings for the other. A person goes missing and as they spend more time together. Being able to talk, she has a chance to explain what really happened and he has a chance to realize what he did and lost by walking away. Love the returning characters from earlier books in this series. Excellent story by this fabulous author. Curl up and enjoy all these books. Would strongly recommend to everyone.
I am an ARC and leave this unbiased, honest review.


A loose thread on Lady Astrid's bodice leads to a misconception and rejection by Michael, the Duke of Tinsder. Confused by his behavior and accusations, Astrid decides to do what she wants. Two years later they meet again and the attraction is still there. More encounters once again confuse the issue of possibilities, until an explanation opens the Duke's heart. Short, slightly erotic and maybe a little bit philosophical.
I voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of this book gifted by the author.

Marion L
Astrid‘s Happy Ending

Anyone who read the previous installments of the series already knows Astrid to be a villain but now it’s finally revealed how and why she became it.
I really like the author‘s writing style and how she interconnects her different series. I always enjoy meeting with the characters from her previous books again, it almost feels like a family reunion. That's why I recommend reading the series in order, even if the book can be read on its own.
The plot is a nice second chance, opposites attract romance with likable characters, humor and spice.

Two years ago, Lady Astrid became a social pariah due to a mishap at a house party where she met Michael, the Duke of Tinsder with whom she immediately fell in love.
True to the motto „you live freely if you haven't a reputation to lose“, she now behaves selfish and we embraces scandal.

Michael is dutiful and likes his reclusive life. He too was instantly attracted to Astrid but thought that she wanted to trap him into marriage and therefore cut off their contact.

When they meet again at a house party, it soon becomes clear that their feelings are still there and Michael realises that he may have misjudged Astrid and that she is a completely different woman behind her mischievous façade…

If you like sweet and spicy quick reads with great character development, you will enjoy this book!

Stacie Irwin
Loved the story!

I loved it! Astrid and Michael were wonderful. I enjoyed his starchiness that led to some spanking. But I also liked that he didn’t lose his kindness. The only problem was that I wanted more (but that’s not new 🤣).

After meeting Astrid in another book, it was good to see her backstory and how she received her reputation and attitude. It really made me feel for her.

Michael was a great character too. I love a good starchy man who falls for a woman and finds he can’t help himself despite how hard he tries. It was perfect!

This story flowed really well and connected the other stories well too. There were plenty of funny moments too that had me snickering. It was a really fun adventure!