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Good Duke Gone Cold | Paperback

Good Duke Gone Cold | Paperback

#1 International Best-Seller

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐250+ 5-Star Reviews

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Lady Mary finds London society and its rules crushing. She wants to be her own woman, as one of the ton’s first female playwrights. Yet it’s more than a little tricky to be that person when she gets stuck in a closet, pressed against a hot, brooding duke who just so happens to be her best friend’s brother.

Reeling from damage, Gregory, the grumpy Duke of Wellingford, spent years on the continent mourning his father. To rebuild himself, he needs two things: to find a biddable bride and to protect his heart from any more loss. But when an old friend turns into a flame, the calm he’s struggling to construct may shatter.

She’s there to build a thrilling future. He came back to forge a calm life. Will an all-consuming passion see both of their dreams destroyed?

If you like witty banter, character growth, and sweet & spicy reads, then you’ll adore Eliana Piers’ regency romance stories about The Good Dukes.

Read Good Duke Gone Cold if you want a book to melt your heart with a steamy happily ever after.

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Good Duke Gone Cold
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What Readers are Saying:
"Deliciously Good!" -Reviewer

"The perfect start to this amazing series" -Reviewer

"This is the kind of story I wish would go on and on" -Reviewer

From bestselling, award-winning author Eliana Piers comes a steamy series that introduces the world of The Good Dukes in London. A group of friends, one house party, a meddling duchess, and a whole lot of love and scandal...

Chapter One Look Inside

1815, England
A GIRL NEVER KNOWS where her husband might come from. He could be the neighbor next door. Down the street. He could be her father’s friend. A distant cousin twice removed. He could be an earl, a viscount, a prince. He could be the man she just waltzed with or the one waiting behind the fern working up the nerve to ask for the next dance. Or. Or just maybe he could be the clothesless, dripping wet adonis right in front of her.

The memory was so vivid, it felt like he was right in front of her. But where had that memory come from just now? Maybe it was the rain sluicing down the window. That must be it. Mary shook her head. Now was not the time for that memory.

Now was the time to focus on herself and being more than just a woman waiting for a husband. Now was the time to focus on her desires, namely, writing her first play to be performed in front of an audience other than friends and family.

The blank pages rested heavily on her lap. It was strangely warm and comforting, despite its emptiness. This was the year. No, this was the summer she would finish this play. It’s going to happen. It has to happen. Lady Mary Edwards consoled herself as she brushed a loose cinnamon coloured tendril behind her ear. She would be more than just a woman pursuing fleeting beauty and a faulty husband. There must be more. And this play was it.

Her legs were bent as her back rested against the window frame. She was cozy as her slight frame was hidden behind the drapes. Surrounded by books and feeling the faint flickers from the fire soothed her soul into a state of meditation. This was the place to think. To feel inspired. To express all her pent up passions and let all the words flow into glorious being and insurmountable greatness. To look down at a blank page. Well, yes. All in good time. The play was half written but something was missing. If only she could–

Mary shook her head and peered out the window. She didn’t stare at the perfectly manicured trees in the shapes of exotic animals in front of her, or even the fountain full of cherubs. Her mind’s eye wandered across the ducal fields of her best friend’s family home and onward to her own less opulent estates hidden from view, where neither her father nor mother, in fact no family, was currently in residence. Father and mother had left again. This time to excavate the latest Egyptian treasures. Last time was Morocco. The time before that was Tunisia, or was it India? Every few months took them to a new place with the hollow platitude that she would be fine, if not happier, at her best friend’s nearly palatial estates. Two is more fun than one, they’d say. We’ll see you soon, have fun with Margaret. Be good. Oh what are we saying, of course you’ll be good. Try to keep Margaret in line. Her parents love your influence. See, it’s a win-win for everyone.

Mary didn’t mind. Too much. It was better with two. And Margaret was her best friend. Always had been. Ever since Margaret literally ran into Mary in the fields one day with the biggest grin and wildest eyes she had ever seen. The tenacious memory forced its way back to Mary’s mind.

She could still remember the cool breeze on her cheeks. Standing in the middle of a pathway, forgetting to take the next step, she lost her thoughts in the clouds. There were shapes of animals and boats scudding across the sky, morphing into flowers and trees. What made the clouds move? Did others see the same shapes? What would it be like to rest on one of those clouds for a day?

Then, thwack! Something, no, someone, had just run into her shoulder.

Without even taking time to introduce herself, the girl–later found out to be Margaret–yelled, “Run! They’re coming!” Mary didn’t hesitate. This was not a time to consider the pros and cons or the risks of what might be coming out of the bushes. She picked up her skirts and tried to run after the spritely blonde girl who was still shrieking like a banshee.

Unfortunately, Mary was not made for such impulsive moments as this. Lost in the hysterics, she didn’t notice the girl in front of her flinging up an armful of clothing. Instead of the odds of just one item hitting Mary, it seemed like all thirteen items hit her right in the face and caused her to trip over a root and fall face first in the dirt.

Her heart was pounding. She heard footsteps racing toward her. What was coming from behind the hill? How many were there? Who had that girl angered? How angry were they? Mary’s palms were clammy. She rolled over, getting tangled in the clothing and was pulling pieces of clothing from her eyes as quickly as she could. And then, in an indelible instant, she wished she could put everything back over her eyes.

Looking up, her eyes beheld the wettest, most heart-throttling sight she had ever seen. Water sluiced down the carefully crafted body right before her eyes. Before her own very eyes.

She should have closed them. She should have put her head back under the loose clothing. Every admonishment and warning ever prevailed upon her reminded her to be genteel. A woman was to be prim and proper, yet every fiber in her body refused to obey. Her eyes took their fill. By Jupiter, he was everything her mind could have thought up to be the embodiment of what a man should be. He lifted one of his large hands to push back his luscious raven hair, just long enough to brush the tops of his ears. The action exposed his thickly arched eyebrows that framed piercing azure eyes, an aquiline nose, and a strong sharp jaw.

Her embarrassingly evident perusal was interrupted with an abrupt demand, “Where is she?” Spoken with such aplomb, Mary hardly believed he knew he had one hand covering his, um, other areas. Oh did I actually look that far down. It’s not possible. I am a lady. Well, ten is almost an adolescent and that’s nearly an adult. But I am proper.


“You don’t look familiar. I suppose you don’t even know her, do you? Her being Lady Campbell, or Margaret, in light of the forced intimacy of this acquaintance. Well, all in good time. Perhaps you’d like to grace us with our belongings currently entangling you?”

At that moment a second rustling in the bushes and a calm, “Jonathon, just wait there for a moment, please,” led her to turn on her stomach and rest her closed eyes on her forearm.

Oh please let this be over soon. Please. Please. Please. Please don’t tell my mother and father about this. Just let this be a nightmare.

If only Mary knew what a recurring dream this nightmare would turn into, she might have put a little more effort into listening to those clamoring voices earlier, reminding her to be proper and not continue looking in the first place.

“Well, alright. On your stomach then. If you can’t see me, then I’m sure I’m not here. Just stay put. I’ll reach around you and grab our clothes. We’ll dress quickly and this will all feel like a dream.”

Nightmare. Dream. Really, what’s the difference besides the untrustworthy emotions they evoke.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
best friends brother...

Basic plot:
Mary is taking this summer to focus on her plays, seeing as her parents have decided should marry come next season. Unfortunately she is having trouble focusing on them with Gregory back...

Give this a try if you want:
- Regency (1815)
- heroine’s dream is to become a playwright
- flowers as a love language
- best friends brother
- childhood friends to lovers
- Duke hero
- touch of jerk hero – he has been hurt in the past and wants to keep Mary at arms length and does some unlikable things at times to do it
- medium steam - 4-ish scenes though some might feel a bit light to others

My thoughts:
I am so happy I gave Eliana Piers a try! I believe this is her debut and it was such a fun ride.

I found Piers’ writing style so different and FUN. At first, it took me a bit to get into it. And part of that was because of some time jumps were a bit confusing. I could have used better dividers between past and present day, or a different thought style with the flash backs. But after I got used to it, I just fell in love with her writing. It was funny, and sweet and I found myself anxious to get back to this story when I put it down.

Mary was fun. I don’t think I’ve read a playwright heroine before – I have read a few actresses. I liked her a lot – she’s a bit sweet and innocent but refuses to compromise on what she wants in life.

Gregory could definitely act like a petulant child and has some growing up to do, emotionally. He was cruel to Mary a few times but we know he has issues voicing his feelings and he has a huge fear of rejection. So hurt them before they hurt me mantra. But I just loved how he couldn’t stop himself with Mary. I loved their scenes together. So I was able to forgive him!

The beginning steamy scenes were so, so good to me.

I adored that the focus of the book was Gregory and Mary’s relationship. I live for that push and pull dynamic of wanting each other. There was something really tugging on my heart in this one.

Ruth Wood
Sweet Story

Lady Mary Edwards along with her friend Lady Margaret Campbell grew up hanging with Margaret brother Gregory and friend Jonathan. The boys taught them how to fish and swim. They also acted in the plays that Mary wrote in front of family and friends.

Gregory Campbell the Duke of Wellingford lost his father and best friend, he wasn't the same. Mary wanted to write plays and have them acted on. Gregory was doing business deal with Lyle Fairfax for the Vauxhall. While there he also helped out with the reading of the play.

Gregory is torn and he sends Mary back to her own home. She is hurt but does as he asked.
Watching Gregory comes to his senses and realize his feelings for her. Sweet Romance friends to lovers.

Lyn Meredith
Well written

This was a new to me author and decided to give it a try. The book was well written with great characters. I enjoyed this book from beginning to end. I did wish that Gregory would stop trying to keep everyone at arms length much sooner. That didn't stop me from going to bed two hours later than I planned since I couldn't put this book down. Will be starting the next in series immediately.

A lovely and enjoyable story

I enjoyed the story. Mary’s character is strong though at first she may seem simple, she quickly grows into her strength. Watching this growth is what truly made the story. Gregory comes across as cold, distant and aloof and yet she does not allow him to walk over her. She is constantly standing up for herself and putting him in his place, which he needs. Through his point of view we understand why he is this way, but it is difficult to watch Mary endure it as she does not. Despite this, I still found myself rooting for his character. There was a sweetness that could be seen beneath the surface, it was just that he needed to overcome his own fears. The family friendships are the greatest pull of the story for me, as the siblings and Mary have such a bond. Mary & Margaret were great together, their all-knowing best friends relationship exactly what you expect to bloom from two girls at that age. At times it was difficult to notice the point of view change which made some scenes a little less impactful. But I am eager to read more of this family and see how that evolves. A lovely and enjoyable story all in all, and a charming debut from this author.