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The Rake and the Writer

The Rake and the Writer

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Her mission in life is to warn women of all the notorious rakes in the haut ton.

His mission in life is not to be a rake. Which should be easy, since he’s not one.

After Lady Felicity has been nearly compromised too many times, she receives an anonymous letter cautioning her about Evan Ashbourne. Using a pen name, she writes for a prevalent scandal sheet to ensure Evan cannot ruin any naive women.

Evan Ashbourne is the grumpy, overworked brother who just needs a break. Especially from all the rumors circulating about his nonexistent rakish ways. It’s the perfect time for a three legged race. When Felicity gets tied to his ankle and mistakes him for his twin brother, shenanigans ensue.

Can enough shenanigans lead to love? And when secrets are finally revealed, will the truth destroy the connection or build a solid foundation for their future?

This is the fifth book in the steamy new regency series, The Ashbourne Legacy, that follows the seven mislabeled brothers of Snow White.

Read this novelette if you like sweet and spicy easy reads with witty banter and lovable characters.

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The Rake and the Writer
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"Wonderful story" ~Amazon Reviewer

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"Well written and very enjoyable." ~Amazon Reviewer
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A 🔥steamy🔥 mistaken identity romance. Part of The Ashbourne Legacy series all ⏱️short⏱️, 🍬sweet🍬, and 🌶️spicy🌶️ reads. 

✅ twins!

✅ enemies to lovers

✅ broody hero

Chapter One Look Inside

1816 England

ONCE A RAKE, ALWAYS a rake. And if one was a rake, then Felicity took it as her mission in life to warn other women of such behavior. It was equal parts love of her fellow woman and hate of infamous rakes that leant to her decision to level the playing field.

Women were just too damn naive. It was one thing to preserve a woman’s innocence, if she chose to do so, as that was her primary bargaining chip on the marriage mart. It was entirely another thing to be so naive as to not know which smoldering looks to trust or not.

Not. The answer was always not. There were no smoldering looks to trust, especially ones across a crowded ballroom. And most especially ones that invited young women out onto the terrace of said ballroom. No, there were none to trust. At least in Felicity’s experience.

Sure, it was purely anecdotal evidence, but it was evidence nonetheless.

She pushed aside the three infuriating memories from her debut season. Infuriating? No, that was the wrong word. She had learned her lesson. Finally, though it took some help. And she was no longer irate at the men who had nearly sullied her reputation. She had learned. She was smarter now. Wiser. And it was only ethical to share such wisdom.

Felicity ran her fingers over the latest missive she had received from Lady X. Another woman sharing her wisdom. A few years ago Felicity had discreetly received a note in a crowded ballroom, Beware Lord Evan Ashbourne. It was plain for anyone to see Felicity’s intimate connection with the Ashboure family, so anyone could have sent it. Why they had sent it was ambiguous. There was clearly something foreboding about Evan, but nothing specific had been mentioned. Perhaps Lady X had known about Felicity’s near ruinous encounters and had taken it upon herself to warn her. Felicity had taken it as a sign. And it had set a new course for her life.

A knock on the door jostled Felicity to the present.


“You’re in here?” Her good friend Hope sailed into the room.

Felicity couldn’t hide her ink stained fingers, but she needed to discreetly obscure the sheets in front of her from Hope’s curious eyes.

“Catching up on correspondence?”

“Yes.” Felicity breathed a sigh of relief. Of course it was just correspondence. Nothing to be interrogated about.


“Who are you writing to this time?” Hope’s eyes had a little sparkle in them.


“Your mother?”

Perfect. “Yes.”

“Is she still traveling?”

“Yes, she is.” Her friend was clearly holding the weight of this conversation. And in doing so, she enabled Felicity to cover her sheets by the time Hope hovered over her shoulder.

“It’s blank,” Hope said like a child opening socks for a gift. Disappointment. Curiosity. And optimism for something else to come next.

“Yes, well I was thinking about what to write.”

“I see. You’re always thinking.” Somehow the emphasis on the last word didn’t quite match Felicity’s expectation.

“Everyone is always thinking.”

“True. But you more than others.”

“Perhaps.” Felicity would have to reflect on that one.

Felicity looked up at Hope who squealed. “Oh! Is that the newest edition of Lady D’s Scandal Sheet?”

Why yes, yes it is. And Felicity was not too keen on being around Hope as she read it. What would she think? Obviously she wouldn’t know…everything. But still, what would she think?

“May I?” It was a question. But really, was it?

“Of course.”

Felicity handed the noose—news—to Hope and watched as her eyes scanned the exact article she knew Hope would pick first.

Now, if Felicity had sat down and truly thought of all the reactions Hope could have had, laughter to the point of tears would not have made the list.

Was something wrong? Had she given herself away somehow? Even so, why would that be funny? What was so tearfully funny?

“Hope?” Felicity tried to catch her between peels, but her friend was still bent over trying to catch her breath.

“Why are you laughing?”

“Have you read this?”

As a matter of fact, I have. Several times. “Yes…so, you’re not upset? For Evan?”

“Oh, dear Felicity. I could be upset. So could Evan. But what’s the point? The rumors are out there. In fact, they’re so far out there as to be farcical. Anyone who would believe such…drivel about him would probably believe anything.”

“I wouldn’t call your brother’s rakish behavior ‘drivel’, would you?”

“You don’t believe this nonsense, do you?” Hope’s eyes were amused. “You can’t possibly believe this.” She waved the scandal sheet in the air. “These rumors have about as much weight as the paper that heralds their news. Tell me you don’t believe it.”

I do. And it’s my life’s intention to ensure women don’t fall prey to his scheming ways.

But Felicity couldn’t say that to one of her best friends because the rake in dispute was one of Hope’s brothers.

So she opted for the only real option available, “I don’t.”
IT WAS HARD BEING a rake. Most especially if one wasn’t a rake.

Lord Evan had to remind himself why he allowed the rumors to continue. Mostly because once a rumor had taken hold in the haut ton, it was nearly impossible to eradicate. One could wait it out or fight it out. The latter was an excessive waste of time, and time was one thing Evan didn’t have to waste. Who had time to waste? He would like to meet such people.

And then he realized he had met many such people. Women in crowded ballrooms ambling for his attention. His escape was often out on the terrace, for a momentary reprieve from prying eyes. And even prying fingers from time to time.

Since the rumors had been helping ward off such time-wasting women, Evan hadn’t fought them, assuming they would die down. Unfortunately, the rumors were getting worse.

Perhaps it was for the best. What kind of woman would want to join him in his secret life anyway? It was unhealthy. All-consuming. How could it not be?

“Pour me another, will you?” Felix asked, interrupting his thoughts. Felix was his identical twin, unmistakably so, save a dark mole under his left ear. Why they still chose to wear their hair in an identical fashion probably had more to do with stubbornness than anything. Evan and Felix were the fifth and sixth sons, respectively, in the Ashbourne clan.

The elder of the two poured himself two fingers worth. “I could use a drink as well.”

“It’s not like you to drink in the morning.”

“It’s not like our four eldest brothers to all get engaged within weeks of each other.”

“Point made,” Felix grinned as he held up his glass. “Must be something in the air.”

“More like some bees in a couple of bonnets,” Evan scowled.

“You mean our dear, sweet mother and sister?”


“Well, I hate to steal your thunder, but I think I’m next.” Felix beamed.

Unsure of why, Evan rankled at the words. “How’s that?”

Felix took a sip, sighed, and leaned back. “I’m in love, old chap.”

“Really?” This wasn’t the first time Felix had claimed to be in love. “Who’s the lucky lady?”

“Can’t say.” The widespread grin danced across his ever-grinning face.

“I have to say that bringing up your lover and then keeping mum on the subject seems a tad contradictory.”

Felix bolted upright. “First of all, she’s not my lover.”

In mock defense, Evan put his hands up.

“Second of all, I can’t say anything yet.” In his second contradictory move, Felix said more, “But I will say that we are to be betrothed soon.”

Evan’s eyebrows shot up from their perma-scowl. “What about what’s-her-name? Your friend.”


Of course he knew the name. It was branded into his brain. Felicity and Felix. Happy meet happy. Their names were made for each other. Felicity and Felix had been friends for as long as Felicity and Hope had been friends. Not quite as inseparable, but still thick as thieves.

“Yes, her. Does she know about your impending nuptials?”

“Betrothal.” Felix swirled the liquid in his glass before taking another sip. “No. Why would she?”

Evan was appalled at his brother's lack of awareness. Perhaps this was love, and it had blinded him. Usually he was quite conscientious of how others felt. That was what made him the lovable one.

“Don’t you think you should tell her?”

Felix shrugged. “She’ll find out alongside all my other friends.”

This did not bode well.

Evan attempted a different tactic. “Men and women can’t be friends, Felix.”

Felix chuckled. “I assure you they can be. Felicity has been my friend for many years.”

“You don’t think she’s developed a tendre?”

“For who?”

“You. Y’buffoon.”

“I hardly think so.” Felix shrugged as if the suggestion was the least likely probability rather than an almost certainty.

“Felix. Don’t be a fool. Tell your friend you’re getting engaged so you don’t break the poor girl’s heart.”

Unrattled, Felix dismissed the admonition. “I think between the two of us, I’d know Felicity’s heart the most. Besides, she’s not poor.”

It was true. Both facts. Felicity’s family was wealthy. As for the former item… despite being only a few minutes older than Felix, it felt like years. Felicity had never once confided in him, and it confused the hell out of him.

“You’re scowling again, dear brother.”

“It’s my natural state.” His scowl deepened.

Felix chuckled. “True. Though it does make me wonder how you were the one who accrued notoriety for being a rake.”

“Must be the mystery.” Evan didn’t even crack a smirk when Felix chuckled. “We both know how that happened.”

“Your obsessive late night hours?”

“You mean, my dedication.”

“Call it what you will, Evan. But every man needs a break. Or perhaps you just need a wife.” Felix pushed himself out of the chair. “I’ll talk to Hope for you.” He winked.

“Don’t even think about it,” he growled.

Felix was standing, ready to head out the door. “I must be off now. You know the activities are starting shortly.”

“Yes, I know.”

“See you at the races, brother.”

“I don’t think so.”

“You need to find some pleasure.” Felix winked again. “Real pleasure. You need some fun in your life.” Before Evan could debate that point, Felix trumped any possible play. “Be there or I will talk to Hope.”

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
pillow fight at the house party!

Basic plot:
Felicity receives an anonymous letter about what a rake Evan Ashbourne is and is determined to take him down in the scandal sheet she writes.

Give this a try if you want:
- Regency time period – 1816
- house party
- races
- twins / touch of secret identity (heroine think the hero is his twin brother for part of the story)
- bit of enemies to lovers feel (the heroine dislikes the hero immensely)
- pillow fight
- average short story length – 1 full scene

My thoughts:
This is another pleasant and quick read in the Ashbourne series! These are short, so it’s hard to get a good background on the characters and I found myself struggling with this one a bit – probably because I was into the heroine being a gossip columnist writer and the hero being her target and the hero’s secret night time occupation. I do think the heroine’s turn around was quite abrubpt and because of that it wasn’t as believable to me as it might have been in a longer book.

Overall though this is a really sweet story with some fun house party scenes, like races (can we get more of that in HR?? There’s something SO CUTE about racing against a man giggling like mad…) and a twin mix up. Very fun!

Brother five

I love these brothers! Each of them has great honor, joy and an abundance of love. And they fall hard and fast. Here is Evan's story along with Felicity. A very fast paced story just like the race they run at a house party. Some mistakes are made but in an unusually beautiful manner are fully forgiven. Don't miss brother five, Evan at his finest.

Lyn Meredith
Fun shenanigans

This book is about brother Evan and Felicity. She is writing about him being a rake while he is doing something very un-rake like. Who is Lady X that is feeding her the gossip? Will we ever know? Well written and very enjoyable. Fun twin shenanigans. A little steam at the end.

Evan and Felicity ✨

Fun, entertaining, sweet and spicy. All this in a beautiful short story of love and this time it's Evan Ashbourne and Felicity. It all starts with a three-legged race, attraction, instant love, a secret, understanding and heading all the way to happily ever after.

Short but sweet!

Short but sweet! The non-rake Rake is becoming a trope favorite of mine. Evan has been maligned with a false reputation and what is worse is that the one guilty of this maligning should no better. Evan keeps things so close to his chest that his good deeds are often misconstrued. When a simple mistaken identity allows Felicity to see a different side of him it starts at tidalwve of emotion that must be explored. Their fall is as quick as their first tumble in that ill-fated race and it’s a joy. Though there is some miscommunication it is quickly overcome in this fast paced little gem.